About us

The road to Smart City

Smart Cities are those cities and municipalities that decide to face change, being able to respond to the new citizen expectations.
"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter Drucker
About us?

We are an organization that through the use of technology we collaborate with the cities supporting their authorities to develop strategies that give pragmatic answers to the voice of the citizenship, allowing:

"Participation and two-way communication with public managers"
How do we benefit the Public Administration?

Through a Control Panel that enables a series of performance indicators (kpi's) that measure the state of the objectives drawn, giving sustainability to the political exercise.

This platform will:

  • Average response times of incidents
  • Heat maps
  • Most Valuable Proposals
  • Results of consultations
  • More news and events
  • Beatriz Fernández  (Citizen of Puertollano)
    "It has been very useful to me Implications solved immediately thanks to the application It saves procedures and time"
    Beatriz Fernández (Citizen of Puertollano)
  • Head of area of ​​the City of Benavente
    "What I liked most about this app is that citizens can participate bidirectionally and that the councilor of each area or each municipal department receive the information immediately"
    Head of area of ​​the City of Benavente
  • Communication technician of the City of Lucena
    "A novel platform, interesting, but above all useful. Where what I would most emphasize is the intuitive appearance of the incident zone and the participation section"
    Communication technician of the City of Lucena

How do we ensure success?

Using measurable variables expressed in Kpi's as:
Facilitate governance through support for constructive and sustainable leadership.
Level of approval to governmental management.
Facilitate citizen participation, democratizing cities.
% Of Citizen Participation.

Improve the quality of life of citizens.
Coefficient of response to citizenship. Coefficient of Solution to problems.
Implement technology with the functionalities that allow the interaction of people.
Number of Features used. Efficiency in times and costs.

Do you want to get to know us better?

If you would like a commercial in your area to visit and advise you near the tool, please contact us.